Form 6.



The undersigned, ____________, as principal, having been appointed [executor] [executrix] of the will of (or [administrator] [administratrix] of the estate of) _______________, deceased, and ___________, as suret __, acknowledge themselves to be jointly and severally obligated to the State of Arkansas, for the use and benefit of all persons interested in the estate, in the penal sum of ________ Dollars ($ ________) conditioned as follows:

If the undersigned [executor] [executrix] (or [administrator] [administratrix]) shall well and faithfully account for his administration of the estate, as required by law, this bond shall become void. Otherwise, this bond will remain in full force and effect.

Date: ________, ____.

___________________, as Principal.

______________________, as Surety.

______________________, as Surety.

Approved this date: ________, ____.

_________________________, Clerk.

By: _______________, Deputy Clerk.

Approved this date: ________, ____.

________________________, Judge.

Reporter's Notes to Form 6: See Ark. Code Ann. § 28-48-204. The references to administrator and administratrix in parentheses are to be substituted for the references to executor and executrix if the personal representative was not nominated in the decedent's will. If a corporate surety is used, the power of attorney of agent should be attached. If the sureties are individuals, their qualifying affidavit (Form 7) should be attached.