Form 33.



The undersigned, being [a bank in Arkansas insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation] [a savings and loan association in Arkansas insured by the Federal Savings & Loan Association Corporation] [a credit union in Arkansas insured bythe National Credit Union Administration], received on deposit from _______________, as guardian of the estate of _______________, an incapacitated person, the sum of _________ Dollars ($ _______) in cash on

[date] and agrees not to permit any withdrawal from these funds unless authorized by order of this court.

Date: __________, ____.


[Authorized Officer or Agent of Depository]

Reporter's Notes to Form 33: By statute, the court may dispense with a bond for the guardian when the entire guardianship is in cash deposited on interest in any of the institutions identified in the form, provided that the value of the estate so deposited is not greater than the maximum amount of insurance provided by law for a single depositor. Ark. Code Ann. § 28-65-215(e). This form must be executed on behalf of the depository and filed with the probate clerk. For an enumeration of the types of authorized investments for guardianship funds, see Ark. Code Ann. § 28-65-311.