Form 32.



______________, the duly appointed, qualified, and acting guardian of ______________, an incapacitated person, submits this annual report to the court in accordance with Ark. Code Ann. § 28-65-322.

The current mental, physical, and social condition of the incapacitated person is: [Provide a summary.]

The present living arrangements of the incapacitated person are: [Describe those arrangements.]

The need for continued guardianship services is: [State whether there is a need for such services.]

Submitted with this annual report is the petitioner's accounting of the guardianship estate for the period beginning on [date] and ending on [date].



Reporter's Notes to Form 32: All guardians must file an annual report with the court, setting forth the matters reflected in this form. See Ark. Code Ann. § 28-65-322. Any other information which is requested by the court or is necessary in the opinion of the guardian must also be included.