Form 3.




______________, whose address is ____________, and whose interest in the decedent's estate is that of ______________,petitions that a certain written instrument be admitted to probate as the last will of the decedent, and for the appointment of a personal representative. The facts known to petitioner are:

1. The decedent, ___________, aged ___, who resided at ___________ in ___________ County, Arkansas, died at __________ on or about [date].

2. The decedent left as his last will a written instrument dated the ________ day of ________, ____, which has been filed in this court. Proof of its execution in the manner required by law has been made or will be made at the time of presentation of this petition.

3. The surviving spouse, heirs, and devisees of the decedent, and their respective ages, relationships to the decedent, and residence addresses, are:

Name Age Relationship Residence Address

________________ ____ ______________ _________________

________________ ____ ______________ _________________

________________ ____ ______________ _________________

4. The probable value of the decedent's estate is:

Real property $ ________

Personal property $ ________

5. The will of the decedent nominates ________________ as [executor] [executrix]. (Petitioner nominates for appointment as ________, ________ of __________ to administer the estate.) The relationship, if any, of the nominee to the decedent, and other facts, if any, which entitle the nominee to appointment are: ________________.

THEREFORE, petitioner requests that this court make an order determining (1) the fact of the death of the decedent; (2) that the proffered instrument was executed in all respects according to law when the testator was competent to do so and acting without undue influence, fraud or restraint, has not been revoked and is decedent's last will; and (3) appointing the nominee to administer the decedent's estate.


[Signature of Petitioner]


Reporter's Notes to Form 3: See Ark. Code Ann. § 28-40-107. The sentence in parentheses in paragraph 5 is to be substituted for the preceding sentence if the petitioner seeks appointment of a personal representative who is not nominated in the decedent's will.