Form 29.



Be It Known:

_________________, whose address is ________________, having been appointed guardian of the person and estate of _____________________, an incapacitated person, and having qualified as guardian, is hereby authorized to have the care and custody of and exercise control over the incapacitated person and to take possession of and administer the property of the incapacitated person, as authorized by law.

Date: _________, ____.

__________________________, Clerk.

By: ________________, Deputy Clerk.


Reporter's Notes to Form 29: This form, prescribed by Ark. Code Ann. § 28-65-217, is for a guardianship of both the person and the estate. It should be modified if the guardianship is only of one or the other. If the powers, authorities, and duties of the guardian are limited, the letters of guardianship must clearly state, in bold print, that they are so restricted and the word "limited" must appear in both the title and in the body of the form. For designation of a process agent by a non-resident, see Form 9.