Form 27.



The undersigned, ______________, as principal, having been appointed guardian of the [person] [estate] [person and estate] of ______________, an incapacitated person; and ________________, as suret __, acknowledge themselves to be jointly and severally obligated to the State of Arkansas, for the use and benefit of all persons interested, in the penal sum of _________ Dollars ($_______), conditioned as follows:

If the undersigned guardian shall well and faithfully account for his guardianship, as by law required, this bond shall become void; otherwise, it will remain in full force and effect.

Date: ________, ____.

___________________, as Principal.

______________________, as Surety.

______________________, as Surety.

Approved this date: ________, ____.

__________________________, Clerk.

By: ________________, Deputy Clerk.

Approved this date: ________, ____.

__________________________, Judge.

Reporter's Notes to Form 27: See Ark. Code Ann. § 28-65-215 (requirement for a bond). For the qualifying affidavit of personal sureties, see Form 7.