Form 26.



To: _________________

The undersigned, ______________, in accordance with Ark. Code Ann. § 28-65-209, requests written notice of all hearings on petitions for settlement of accounts, for the sale, mortgage, lease, or exchange of any property of this guardianship estate, for an allowance of any nature payable from the ward's estate, for the investment of funds of the estate, for the removal, suspension, or discharge of the guardian, or for final termination of the guardianship, and any other matter affecting the welfare or care of the incapacitated person or

[his] [her] property.

The requested notice should be sent to the undersigned at the following address:

Date: __________, ____.


[Applicant or attorney]


[Mailing Address]

Reporter's Notes to Form 26: Pursuant to Ark. Code Ann. § 28-65-209, an interested party may, in person or by attorney, serve upon the guardian and upon his attorney, and file with the clerk of the court where the proceedings are pending, with a written admission or proof of service, a written request stating that he desires notice of some or all of the matters enumerated in this form. Unless the court directs otherwise, upon filing the request, the person shall be entitled to notice of all such hearings or of such of them as he designates in his request.