Form 25.



To: ___________________

You are hereby notified that a petition has been filed in this court for the appointment of a guardian of the [person] [estate] [person and estate] of _______________, an incapacitated person, and that the petition will be heard at ___ o'clock __.m., on [date] at the __________ County Courthouse, or at a later time or other place to which the hearing may be adjourned or transferred.

Date: __________, ____.

__________________________, Clerk.

By: ________________, Deputy Clerk.

Reporter's Notes to Form 25: See Ark. Code Ann. § 28-65-207 (notice of hearing for appointment and methods for service of such notice); Ark. Code Ann. § 28-65-208 (persons who must be notified of the hearing). At least 20 days notice of the hearing must be given. Ark. Code Ann. § 28-65-207(c)(2).