Form 2.




_______________, whose address is ____________, and whose interest in the decedent's estate is that of ____________, petitions that letters of administration of the estate be issued. The facts known to petitioner are:

1. The decedent, ___________, aged ___, who resided at ___________ in ____________ County, Arkansas, died intestate at ____________ on or about [date].

2. The surviving spouse and heirs of the decedent, and their respective ages, relationships to the decedent, and residence addresses, are:

Name Age Relationship Residence Address

________________ ____ ______________ _________________

________________ ____ ______________ _________________

________________ ____ ______________ _________________

3. The probable value of the decedent's estate is:

Real property $ ________

Personal property $ ________

4. Petitioner nominates ____________, whose residence address is _______________, for appointment as [administrator] [administratrix] of the estate. The relationship, if any, of the nominee to the decedent, and other facts, if any, which entitle the nominee to appointment are: ____________.

THEREFORE, petitioner requests that this court make an order determining the fact of the death and of the intestacy of the decedent, and appointing petitioner's nominee [administrator] [administratrix] of the estate.


[Signature of Petitioner]


Reporter's Notes to Form 2: See Ark. Code Ann. § 28-40-107. The term "heir" is defined by statute as "a person entitled by the law of descent and distribution to the real and personal property of an intestate decedent, but does not include a surviving spouse." Ark. Code Ann. § 28-1-102(a)(10).