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(a) Within thirty (30) days of receipt of written findings of the Board issuing an admonition, or suspending or revoking a certificate, the aggrieved court reporter may appeal said findings to the Supreme Court of Arkansas for review de novo upon the record. Such appeal shall be prosecuted by filing a written notice of appeal with the Clerk of the Supreme Court of Arkansas with a copy thereof to the Chair of the Board. The notice of appeal shall specify the party taking the appeal; shall designate the order of the Board from which appeal is sought; and, shall designate the contents of the record on appeal. The notice shall also contain a statement that the transcript, or specific portions thereof, have been requested.

(b) The Executive Secretary of the Board shall prepare the record for appeal consisting of the pleadings, orders, and other documents of the case, and include therein the transcript of proceedings that is provided by the respondent reporter. The Chair of the Board shall certify the record prepared by the Executive Secretary.

(c) The respondent reporter shall be responsible for obtaining the transcript of any case proceedings and hearings and for timely providing same to the Executive Secretary of the Board. It shall be the responsibility of the appellant to transmit such record to the Supreme Court Clerk. The record on appeal shall be filed with the Supreme Court Clerk within ninety (90) days from filing of the first notice of appeal, unless the time is extended by timely filed order of the Board. In no event shall the time be extended more than seven (7) months from the date of entry of the initial order of the Board. Such appeals shall be processed in accord with pertinent portions of the Rules of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals of the State of Arkansas.

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Amended and effective January 15, 2009.

Associated Court Rules: 
Rules Providing for Certification of Court Reporters