Section 8. Surrender of certificate - Discipline by consent.

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(a). Surrender of Certificate. A reporter may surrender his or her certificate upon the conditions agreed to by the reporter and the Board:
(1) In lieu of disciplinary proceedings where serious misconduct by the reporter is admitted by the reporter to exist, or

(2) On a voluntary surrender basis of his or her certificate at any time where there is no pending Complaint against the reporter.

(3) No petition to the Supreme Court for voluntary surrender of a certificate by a reporter shall be granted until referred to and approved by the Board and the recommendations of the Board are received by the Supreme Court.

(b). Discipline by Consent. 

(1) A reporter against whom a formal Complaint has been served may, at any stage of the proceedings not less than ten (10) business days prior to the commencement of a public hearing tender a written conditional acknowledgment and admission of violation of some or all of the Rules and Regulations alleged, in exchange for a stated disciplinary sanction in accordance with the following: 
(2) With service of a Complaint, the respondent reporter shall be advised in writing that if a negotiated disposition by consent is contemplated that the respondent reporter should contact the Board Chair or the Board’s special prosecutor to undertake good faith discussion of a proposed disposition. All discipline by consent proposals must be approved in writing by the Board Chair, or by the Board’s special prosecutor before the consent proposal can be submitted to the Board.

(3) Upon a proposed disposition acceptable to the respondent reporter and the Board Chair or representative, the respondent reporter shall execute and submit a consent proposal on a document prepared by the Board setting out the necessary factual circumstances, admissions of violation of the Board Rules and Regulations, and the terms of the proposed sanction.

(4) The consent proposal, along with copies of the formal Complaint, and the recommendations of the Board Chair or representative, shall be presented to the Board by written ballot to either accept or reject the proposed disposition. The decision shall be determined by four (4) concurring votes of the Board. The respondent reporter will be notified immediately in writing of the Board’s decision. Rejection will result in the continuation of the formal Complaint process.

(5). No appeal is available from a disciplinary sanction entered by the consent process.

(6). The Board shall file written evidence of the terms of any public sanction discipline by consent, in the form of an order, with the Clerk of the Supreme Court. 

(c) Serious Misconduct. If the discipline by consent involves allegations of serious misconduct, for which a suspension or revocation of the certificate is to be imposed, the Supreme Court shall also approve any agreed consent proposal and any sanction. 

(1) The Board shall present to the Supreme Court, under such procedures as the Supreme Court may direct, any discipline by consent proposal involving serious misconduct, which the Board has reached with a respondent reporter.

(2) If the Supreme Court does not approve the proposed discipline by consent or the voluntary surrender of the certificate, the matter shall be referred back to the Board which shall resume the proceedings at the stage at which they were suspended when the consent proposal was made and submitted to the Supreme Court.

History Text: 

Amended and effective January 15, 2009; amended and effective April 14, 2011.

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