Section 3. Duties of the board.

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The Board is charged with the duty and invested with the power and authority:

A. To determine the eligibility of applicants for certification.

B. To determine the content of examinations to be given to applicants for certification as certified court reporters.

C. To determine the applicant's ability to make a verbatim record of court proceedings by any recognized system designated by the Board.

D. To issue certificates to those found qualified as certified court reporters.

E. To set a fee to be paid by each applicant at the time the application is filed and an annual license fee.

F. To develop a records retention schedule for court reporters for cases pending in state trial courts.

G. To develop, implement, and enforce a continuing education requirement for court reporters certified pursuant to this Rule.

H. To promulgate, amend and revise regulations relevant to the above duties and to implement this Rule. Such regulations are to be consistent with the provisions of this Rule and shall not be effective until approved by this Court.

I. To provide a system and procedure for receiving complaints against court reporters, investigating such complaints, filing formal disciplinary Complaints against reporters, and for hearing, consideration, and determination of validity of charges and appropriate sanctions to be imposed upon any reporter.

J. To hire an executive secretary to assist the Board with its duties.

History Text: 

Amended and effective January 15, 2009; amended and effective September 21, 2017.

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