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After three years, the Committee shall expunge all records or other evidence of the existence of
complaints terminated by dismissals or referrals to alternative programs pursuant to Section
5(C)(2), except that, upon the Executive Director's application, notice to respondent, and a
showing of good cause, the Committee may permit the Executive Director to retain such records
for one additional period of time not to exceed three years.
A. Notice to Respondent. If the respondent was contacted by the Executive Director or
Committee concerning the complaint, or the Executive Director or Committee otherwise knows
that the respondent is aware of the existence of the complaint, the respondent shall be given
prompt written notice of the expungement.
B. Effect of Expungement. After a file has been expunged, any response by the
Executive Director or Committee to an inquiry requiring a reference to the matter shall state that
there is no record of such matter. The respondent may answer any inquiry requiring a reference
to an expunged matter by stating that no complaint was made.

Associated Court Rules: 
Procedures of the Arkansas Supreme Court Regulating Professional Conduct of Attorneys at Law