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In every case in which an attorney is disbarred, suspended, or surrenders the attorney's
law license, the attorney shall, within twenty (20) days of the filing of the final order of
disbarment, suspension, or surrender:
A. Notify all of the attorney's clients and any counsel of record in pending matters in
writing that the attorney has been disbarred or suspended or has surrendered his or her Arkansas
law license;
B. In the absence of co-counsel, notify all clients in writing to make arrangements for
other representation, calling attention to any urgency in seeking the substitution of another
C. Deliver to all clients being represented in pending matters any papers or property to
which they are entitled, or notify them or co-counsel of a suitable time and place where the
papers and other property may be obtained, calling attention to any urgency for obtaining the
papers and other property;
D. Refund any part of the fees or costs paid in advance that have not been earned or
E. File with the Court, agency, or tribunal before which any litigation is pending a copy
of the notice to the opposing counsel, or adverse parties if no opposing counsel;
F. Keep and maintain a record for each client of the steps taken to accomplish the
G. File with the Clerk and the Office of Professional Conduct a list of all other state,
federal, and administrative jurisdictions to which the attorney is licensed or admitted to practice.
Upon such filing, the Clerk shall notify those jurisdictions entitled to notice of the disbarment,
suspension, or surrender.
H. The attorney shall, within thirty (30) days of disbarment, suspension, or surrender of
license, file an affidavit with the Committee that the attorney has fully complied with the
provisions of the order and completely performed the foregoing or provide a full explanation of
the reasons for the attorney's noncompliance. Such affidavit shall also set forth the address
where communications may thereafter be directed to the respondent. The affidavit shall also
include an exemplar copy of each type of notice letter sent to clients, courts, co-counsel, or other
or opposing counsel of record. The affidavit shall also include a list of the attorney's clients,
with a current mailing address and telephone number(s) for each, for use by the Committee to
verify that each client has received actual notice of the attorney's change of status and that the
attorney has timely complied with all other obligations imposed by these Procedures.
I. Failure to comply with these Procedures shall subject the attorney to punishment for
contempt of the Arkansas Supreme Court.

Associated Court Rules: 
Procedures of the Arkansas Supreme Court Regulating Professional Conduct of Attorneys at Law