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The Executive Secretary of the Board will forward the files containing the names and pertinent information including address, phone number, and email address for all individuals who have passed the certification test or were granted certification pursuant to Section 26 to the Supreme Court Clerk's office where said files will be maintained and stored.

The Executive Secretary will maintain and store all other files pertaining to test results, including all verbatim notes or records, transcripts, and other papers used in connection with testing for a period of two years following the date of testing, at which time the Executive Secretary may dispose of said files.

It shall be the responsibility of the certified court reporter to provide the Office of the Supreme Court Clerk with written notification of any change of address within fourteen (14) working days. For the purposes of these regulations, written notification by certified or first class mail to the most recent address provided to the Office of the Clerk shall be deemed sufficient.

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Amended and effective by per curiam order June 26, 2014; amended and effective by per curiam order September 15, 2016

Associated Court Rules: 
Regulations of the Board of Court Reporter Examiners