Section 1.01. Preface.

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These regulations are cumulative to and explanatory of the Arkansas Rules for Minimum Continuing Legal Education (hereinafter the Rules) which were adopted by Per Curiam Order of the Arkansas Supreme Court on March 6, 1989, 298 Ark. Appendix (1989). In the event of a conflict between these regulations and the Rules, the provisions of the Rules shall prevail. Rule 6 of the Arkansas Rules of Civil Procedure shall govern calculation of time whenever an action is required to be taken under the Rules or these Regulations unless otherwise provided. Members of the Arkansas Continuing Legal Education Board (hereinafter Board) and the Secretary to the Board (hereinafter Secretary) shall be absolutely immune from suit for all conduct in the course of their official duties in connection with the administration of the Arkansas Minimum Continuing Legal Education Program (hereinafter CLE).

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Regulations of the Arkansas Continuing Legal Education Board
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Section 1 - The Board