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A. Purpose. These Procedures are promulgated for the purpose of regulating the
professional conduct of attorneys at law and shall apply to complaints filed and formal
complaints instituted against attorneys after the effective date of these Procedures, and within the
purview of the jurisdiction and the authority of the Arkansas Supreme Court Committee on
Professional Conduct. From the effective date hereof, these Procedures shall apply to transfers
to inactive status, to reinstatements, and to the extent that limitations and special requirements
pertain, to attorneys presently suspended, disbarred or who have surrendered their law licenses.
Every attorney now or hereafter licensed to practice law in the State of Arkansas shall be a
member of the Bar of this State and subject to these Procedures. The jurisdiction of the Supreme
Court Committee on Professional Conduct shall extend to lawyers in active, inactive or
suspended status.
B. Rules of professional conduct adopted. The court has adopted the Model Rules of
Professional Conduct of the American Bar Association, as amended, known now as the Arkansas
Rules of Professional Conduct (the "Rules"), as the standard of professional conduct of attorneys
at law. All attorneys are subject to these Procedures.
C. Nature of proceedings. Disciplinary proceedings are neither civil nor criminal but are
sui generis.
D. Repealer. To the extent that former rules or existing provisions of the Arkansas Code
Annotated are in conflict with these Procedures, they are hereby overruled and superseded.
These Procedures shall not be deemed exclusive of, but supplemental to, those provisions of the
Arkansas Code Annotated with which the Procedures are not in conflict.

Associated Court Rules: 
Procedures of the Arkansas Supreme Court Regulating Professional Conduct of Attorneys at Law