Rule XIV. Practice By Comity.

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     A lawyer residing outside the State of Arkansas who has been admitted to practice law in the Supreme Court of the United States or in the United States Court of Appeals for the circuit in which the attorney resides or in the Supreme Court or the highest appellate court of the state of the attorney's residence, and who is in good standing in the court of the attorney's admission, will be permitted by comity and by courtesy to appear, file pleadings and conduct the trial of cases in all courts of the State of Arkansas. However, any trial court may require such nonresident attorney to associate a lawyer residing and admitted to practice in the State of Arkansas upon whom notices may be served and may also require that the Arkansas lawyer associated be responsible to the court in which the case is pending for the progress of the case, insofar as the interest represented by the Arkansas lawyer and the nonresident lawyer is concerned.

     Unless the state in which the said nonresident lawyer resides likewise accords similar comity and courtesy to Arkansas lawyers who may desire to appear and conduct cases in the courts of the State, this privilege will not be extended to such nonresident lawyer.

    A nonresident lawyer will not be permitted to engage in any case in an Arkansas court unless a written statement is filed with the court in which the nonresident lawyer submits to all disciplinary procedures applicable to Arkansas lawyers.



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This rule shall supersede Act 222 of the General Assembly of 1911, as amended. Ark. Stat. Ann. [Section 25-108 through Ark. Stat. Ann. Section 25-111 (Repl. 1962)]. (Per Curiam October 6, 1975; amended by Per Curiam May 18, 1992.)

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