Rule XII. Requirements For Taking Examination

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Graduation from a law school shall not confer the right of admission to the bar. Candidates may be a United States citizen, an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence, or an alien otherwise authorized to work or study lawfully in the United States. No candidate shall be allowed to take the bar examination unless the applicant has graduated, or completed the requisites for graduation, from a Law School approved by the American Bar Association. An applicant shall not be limited to the number of times he or she may take the Arkansas Bar Examination. The requirements set forth in this rule, as well as the other Rules Governing Admission to the Bar, are exclusive and may not be contravened or supplemented except by further order of the Arkansas Supreme Court. (Per Curiam, February 10, 1969 as amended by Per Curiam, September 22, 1969; amended by Per Curiam September 11, 1972; amended by Per Curiam December 10, 1979; amended by Per Curiam March 23, 1983; amended by Per Curiam May 18, 1992; amended by Per Curiam January 18, 1994; amended by Per Curiam June 17, 2004.)

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