Rule I. Composition Of Board Of Law Examiners

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The State Board of Law Examiners, (hereinafter Board), is hereby constituted, before whom all applicants for license must appear.

Said Board shall consist of eleven members: two from each Congressional District (as now or hereafter constituted), and the remainder from the State at large. Each appointment shall be for a term of six years, unless otherwise designated by the Supreme Court. Vacancies occurring from causes other than expiration of term of office will be filled by the Supreme Court as they occur, and the person so appointed shall serve the remainder of the term of his or her predecessor. The Board, from its members, shall annually select its own chair. Members shall continue to serve beyond their designated term until such time as their successor is qualified and appointed by the Court.

The Board, its individual members, Executive Secretary and employees and agents of the Board are absolutely immune from suit or action for their activities in discharge of their duties hereunder to the full extent of judicial immunity in Arkansas.

The Board may adopt regulations consistent with these rules, to be submitted to the Arkansas Supreme Court for approval prior to their implementation. Any regulations adopted by the Board and approved by the Court shall appear as an appendix to the Rules Governing Admission to the Bar.

(Per Curiam, February 10, 1969; amended by Per Curiam May 18, 1992; amended by Per Curiam July 17, 1995; amended by Per Curiam September 30, 1999.)

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