Rule 7. Manner Of Payment.

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The Committee may authorize payment from the Client Security Fund as provided herein. If the Committee finds, by a majority vote, that the claimant is entitled to payment from the Fund, it may determine the amount of any payment to be made to the claimant from the Fund. If it is not convenient for the members of the Committee to meet in person in a reasonable amount of time, the Chairperson of the Committee may submit by mail or facsimile transmission all of the necessary information to the Committee members, and they may vote by mail or facsimile transmission. A report, approving payment of any claims, shall be signed by a majority of the Committee members, and filed with the Clerk of this Court. Upon receipt of the aforesaid report, the Clerk will issue a check signed by the Clerk and countersigned by the Chief Justice for payment to the claimant from the Client Security Fund.

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