Rule 7. Appeal After Confinement.

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If a judgment of confinement in a detentional facility operated by the state has been executed before notice of appeal is given, the defendant shall remain in the detentional facility during the pendency of the appeal, unless discharged by the expiration of his term of confinement or by pardon or parole, or admitted to bail by the trial court prior to the docketing of the appeal in the Supreme Court. If the trial court or a Justice or Justices of the Supreme Court admit the defendant to bail pending appeal, the commitment by which the sentence was carried into execution may be recalled. Upon a reversal, if a new trial is ordered, the defendant shall be removed from the detentional facility and returned to the custody of the sheriff of the county in which the sentence was imposed.

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History. Amended December 18, 1978; adopted and amended July 10, 1995, effective January 1, 1996

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