Rule 6. Contents Of Answer; Time For Filing.

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(a) Contents of Answer. An answer shall be in writing and signed by the defendant or his or her attorney, if any. It shall also state: (1) the reasons for denial of the relief sought by the plaintiff, including any affirmative defenses and the factual bases therefor; (2) any affirmative relief sought by the defendant, whether by way of counterclaim, set-off, cross-claim, or third-party claim, the factual bases for such relief, and the names and addresses of other persons needed for determination of the claim for affirmative relief; and (3) the address of the defendant or his or her attorney, if any.

(b) Time for Filing Answer or Reply. A defendant shall file an answer with the clerk of the court within thirty (30) days after the service of the complaint upon the defendant. An answer to a cross-claim and a reply to a counterclaim shall be filed with the clerk of the court within 30 days of the date that the pleading asserting the claim is served. A copy of an answer or reply shall also be served on the opposing party or parties in accordance with Rule 5(b) of the Rules of Civil Procedure.



_____________ Court Of _____________, Arkansas

__________________, Plaintiff

vs.                                                                                      No. ______

__________________, Defendant

Defendant's Address: __________________________________________________________

Reasons for Denial of Plaintiff's Claim: ______________________________________

Affirmative Defenses: _________________________________________________________


Nature and Amount of Affirmative Relief Sought: _______________________________


Date Affirmative Claim Arose: _________________________________________________

Factual Basis of Affirmative Claim: ___________________________________________


Names and Addresses of Other Persons Needed for Determination of Affirmative Claim:




Defendant's Attorney, if any, and Address:





[Signature of Attorney, if any, or of Defendant]


The undersigned hereby certifies that a true and correct copy

of the foregoing answer was served on [plaintiff or attorney for plaintiff, as

appropriate] on the ________ date of __________________, 2 ____, by [state

method of service used, e.g., hand delivery, mail, commercial delivery service].



[Signature of Defendant or Defendant's Attorney]

Comment Text: 

Addition to Reporter's Notes, 2012 Amendment: The rule is revised to adopt the same 30-day response time for district court cross-claims and counterclaims that applies to responses to complaints, cross-claims, and counterclaims in circuit court and to responses to district court complaints.

History Text: 

History. Amended November 18, 1996, effective March 1, 1997; revised December 9, 2004, effective January 1, 2005; amended June 2, 2011, effective July 1, 2011; amended May 24, 2012, effective July 1, 2012.

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