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Pursuant to Rule III b. of the Rules Creating a Committee on the Unauthorized Practice of Law, if the Committee determines that a formal investigation is warranted, the Committee may use its discretion to proceed with the investigation as it deems appropriate, which may include the calling of witnesses before one or more members of the Committee to give sworn testimony at an investigative hearing(s).

(a) Investigative hearings should be conducted as soon as practical after the Committee receives the inquiry or complaint.

(b) The investigative hearing shall be conducted in a manner prescribed by the Chair, who shall preside, or who shall designate a Committee member to preside.

(c) If, as a result of its formal investigation, the Committee determines that an act or acts of the unauthorized practice of law has occurred, the Committee shall issue an advisory opinion to that effect, directing that the party cease and desist said act or acts. Copies shall be mailed to the interested parties by certified mail.

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Rules of Court Creating Committee on the Unauthorized Practice of Law
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