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JLAP shall provide the following services:
(A) immediate and continuing assistance to members of the legal profession who suffer from physical or mental disabilities that result from disease, substance abuse disorder, trauma, or age and that impair their ability to practice;
(B) planning and presentation of educational programs to increase the awareness and understanding of members of the legal profession to recognize problems in themselves and in their colleagues; to identify the problems correctly; to reduce stigma; and, to convey an understanding of appropriate ways of interacting with affected individuals;
(C) investigation, planning, and participation in interventions with members of the legal profession in need of assistance;
(D) aftercare services upon request, by order, or under contract that may include the following: assistance in structuring aftercare and discharge planning; assistance for entry into appropriate aftercare and professional peer support meetings; and assistance in obtaining a primary care physical or local peer counselor; and
(E) monitoring services under Rule 7 or under contract that may include the following: alcohol and/or drug screening programs; tracking aftercare, peer support and twelve-step meeting attendance; providing documentation of compliance; and providing such reports concerning compliance by those participating in a monitoring program as may be required by the terms of that program.

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History. Adopted January 1, 2001

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Rules of the Arkansas Judges and Lawyer Assistance Program (JLAP)