Rule 5. Duties Of The Director.

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The Commission shall prescribe the duties and responsibilities of the director which shall include the authority to:

(1) Consider information from any source and receive allegations and complaints;
(2) Make preliminary evaluations;
(3) Screen complaints;
(4) Conduct investigations;
(5) Maintain and preserve the Commissions records, including all complaints, files and written dispositions;
(6) Maintain statistics concerning the operation of the Commission and make them available to the Commission and to the Supreme Court;
(7) Prepare the Commission's budget for its approval and administer its funds;
(8) Employ and supervise other members of the Commission's staff;
(9) Prepare an annual report of the Commission's activities; and
(10) Employ, with the approval of the Commission, special counsel, private investigators or other experts as necessary to investigate and process matters before the Commission and before the Supreme Court.

Associated Court Rules: 
Rules of Procedure of the Arkansas Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission