Rule 4.05. Unapproved Cle Activities.

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(1) Public presentations. No CLE credits are available for attorneys speaking or presenting any program to the lay public without prior approval of the Board.
(2) Self-study. Self-study courses are not approved as a means of acquiring CLE credits.
(3) Audio Tapes. Audio tape programs are not approved as a means of acquiring CLE credit.
(4) Law Professors. No full-time or adjunct law school professors may obtain CLE credits for teaching regularly scheduled courses, subject to the exception of Regulation 4.04(3).
(5) Law Firm Operations. Individual programs which deal solely with the internal financial operations of a law firm will not be considered acceptable as a means of acquiring CLE credits in Arkansas.

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History. Per Curiam July 9, 1990; amended April 1, 1991; amended January 13, 1992, effective March 1, 1992; amended June 27, 1994, effective July 1, 1994

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Regulations of the Arkansas Continuing Legal Education Board
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Section 4 - Accreditation