Rule 3. Inquiries And Complaints.

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All inquiries and Complaints relating to the unauthorized practice of law shall be directed to the Committee, in writing, through the Administrative Office of the Courts. Upon receipt of such inquiry or Complaint the Committee may:
a. Without formal investigation make a determination that the action or course of conduct does not constitute unauthorized practice of law, or
b. Determine that probable cause exists for the conduct of a formal investigation and to conduct such investigation as is indicated, including the calling of witnesses for testimony under oath. Thereafter, the Committee shall:
1. Make a determination of whether in the opinion of the Committee, the action or course of conduct under investigation constitutes unauthorized practice of law.
2. Publish an advisory opinion directed to the interested parties and reflecting the decision of the Committee.
c. In the event of a finding of unauthorized practice of law and a continuation of the action or course of conduct after receipt of the Committee's advisory opinion, the Committee may bring an action or actions in the proper Court(s) seeking to enjoin that conduct deemed to constitute unauthorized practice of law, and to pursue such action(s) in the name of the committee to a final conclusion.

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History. Amended November 8, 1993; amended July 11, 1994

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