Rule 3. Director Of The Program.

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(A) Appointment/Hire. The committee shall hire the JLAP director with the consent of the Supreme Court, and the director shall serve at the pleasure of the Court. The committee shall oversee and supervise the work of the director.
(B) Qualifications. The director shall have sufficient experience and training to enable the director to identify and assist impaired members of the legal profession and to work well with the volunteers.
(C) Duties and Responsibility. The director shall:
(1) Provide initial response to help-line calls.
(2) Help lawyers, judges, law firms, courts, and others to identify and intervene with impaired members of the legal profession.
(3) Help members of the legal profession and their families to secure expert counseling and treatment for chemical dependency and otherillnesses, maintaining current information on available treatment services, both those that are available without charge as well as paid services.
(4) Establish and maintain regular contact with other bar associations, agencies, and committees that serve either as sources of referral or resources in providing help.
(5) Establish and oversee monitoring services with respect to recovery of members of the legal profession for whom monitoring is appropriate under Rules 5(E) or 7.
(6) Plan and deliver educational programs for the legal community with respect to all sources of potential impairment as well as treatment and preventative measures.
(7) Provide information about JLAP services to members of the legal profession and their families.
(8) Recruit, select, train, and coordinate the activities of volunteers.
(9) Investigate other potential sources of income pursuant to Rule 1(C)(2).

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History. Adopted January 1, 2001

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