Rule 3-3. Record In Civil Cases.

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Not all records in civil cases will have the same contents. To the extent possible, items will be arranged in the following sequence:

1. The Complaint;

2. Plaintiff 's exhibits which accompany the Complaint;

3. Statement regarding summons, set out in Rule 3-2(b);

4. Answer;

5. Defendant's exhibits which accompany the Answer;

6. Subsequent pleadings and orders in chronological order;

7. Final judgment, decree, or order appealed;

8. Post-judgment decree, order or motion (e.g., motions for new trial);

9. Orders granting or denying post-judgment motions;

10. Notice of appeal and designation of record;

11. Statement of points to be relied upon if abbreviated record designated;

12. Extensions of time to file record on appeal;

13. Stipulations to abbreviated records;

14. Narrative of testimony upon stipulations;

15. Depositions introduced;

16. Reporters' transcription of testimony;

17. Supersedeas bond;

18. Certificate, duly acknowledged;

19. Certificate of costs, indicating payor.

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Rules of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals of the State of Arkansas
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Article III. The Record