Rule 2.01. Non-Resident Attorneys.

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An attorney's residence is presumed to be the address the attorney maintains with the Office of the Arkansas Supreme Court Clerk. Attorneys who maintain Arkansas licenses, but reside outside this State and are licensed in the state of their residence, are required to meet the minimum continuing legal education requirements of their resident state. Arkansas licensed attorneys residing in a state which requires continuing legal education but who are not licensed in that state, are inactive in that state, or for any other reason are denied the opportunity to participate in the continuing legal education programs of that state, are considered in compliance with the requirements of their resident state. However, such attorneys who return to the practice of law in Arkansas shall be required to acquire thirty-six (36) hours of approved CLE courses by the end of the first reporting period that succeeds the reporting period in which they return. Notwithstanding this provision, the attorney may choose to remain current in Arkansas pursuant to Rule 2(C). Attorneys who move from a state which does not require minimum continuing legal education to a state other than Arkansas which does require minimum continuing legal education are required to meet the requirements of that state.

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History. Amended November 30, 2006

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Regulations of the Arkansas Continuing Legal Education Board
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