Rule 2. Name; Seal; Powers.

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The name of the Committee shall be "The Supreme Court Committee on the Unauthorized Practice of Law." The Committee shall provide for its use a seal of such design as it may deem appropriate, and in the performance of its duties imposed by Rule of Court and by its own rules promulgated pursuant to Rule of Court, shall have authority to issue subpoena for any witness, including the production of documents, books, records, or other evidence, directed to any Sheriff or State Police officer within the state, requiring the presence of any person before it. Such process shall be issued under the seal of the committee and be signed by the Chair or Secretary. Disobedience of any subpoena or a refusal to testify may be regarded as constructive contempt of the Arkansas Supreme Court, and punishable by proceedings in that court.

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History. Amended November 8, 1993; amended July 11, 1994

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Rules of Court Creating Committee on the Unauthorized Practice of Law