Rule 2. Jlap Committee.

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(A) Members. The Arkansas Supreme Court shall appoint committee members to administer the JLAP. Officers of the committee shall consist of a chair, vice chair, and secretary/treasurer. The chair shall be appointed by the Supreme Court. Each of the other officers shall be elected by the members of the committee annually.
(B) Composition. The committee shall consist of nine (9) members, chosen on the basis of geography and diversity and shall include three (3) citizens who are not members of the legal profession. The members shall have diverse experience, knowledge and shall have demonstrated competence in the problems of addiction and other common difficulties that impair members of the legal profession.
(C) Terms. Each appointment shall be for a term of six years, unless otherwise designated by the Supreme Court. Members may not be appointed to successive six-year terms. Terms shall be staggered. Vacancies occurring from causes other than expiration of term of office will be filled by the Supreme Court as they occur, and the person so appointed shall serve the remainder of the term of his or her predecessor. Members shall continue to serve beyond their designated term until such time as their successor is qualified and appointed by the Court.
(D) Duties of the Committee. The committee shall have the following powers and duties:
(1) To establish JLAP policy and procedures consistent with the purposes of this program. Such policies and procedures shall be established after reasonable notice to the Arkansas bench and bar and opportunity for comment.
(2) To operate the program to achieve its purposes.
(3) To assure the duties listed under Rule 3 are carried out in the absence of a director of the program.
(4) To establish and administer a revolving loan fund as provided under Rule 9.
(5) To make reports to the Arkansas Supreme Court annually or as otherwise required.
(E) Meetings. The committee shall meet quarterly, upon call of the chair or upon the request of five (5) or more members.

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History. Adopted January 1, 2001

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