Rule 1. Scope Of Program.

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(A) Establishment. There is hereby established a statewide lawyer assistance program to be known as Arkansas Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program (JLAP) which shall provide immediate and continuing help to lawyers and judges (hereinafter "members of the legal profession") as well as students attending the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville School of Law and the UALR Bowen School of Law, who suffer from physical or mental disabilities that result from disease, substance abuse, disorder, trauma, or age and that might impair their ability to practice or serve.

(B) Purpose. JLAP has three purposes: (1) to protect the interests of clients, litigants, and the general public from harm caused by impaired lawyers or judges; (2) to assist impaired members of the legal profession to begin and continue recovery; and (3) to educate the bench and bar to the causes of and remedies for impairments affecting members of the legal profession.

(C)(1) Funding and Administration. JLAP shall be financed from the annual license fees paid by the members of the Bar of Arkansas in an amount as set by the Supreme Court.

(2) Funding for JLAP may also include gifts or bequests from any source and earnings on investments of the JLAP fund.

History Text: 

History. Adopted January 1, 2001; section (A) amended by Per Curiam Order November 11, 2010; amended and effective by Per Curiam Order January 15, 2015.

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