Rule 1. Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee - Organization.

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Pursuant to Section 5 of Act 791 of 1991 a Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee is hereby created to give advisory opinions to elected officials, judicial officers and candidates for judicial office seeking opinions concerning the compliance of an intended, future course of conduct with the Arkansas Code of Judicial Conduct. The Committee, appointed by the Judicial Discipline & Disability Commission, shall consist of no more than two retired justices or judges and one attorney who is a member of the Arkansas Bar and has never been a publicly elected judicial officer. Committee members may be reappointed and shall serve for three-year terms from date of appointment except that to achieve staggered terms, the first two appointed retired judges shall draw for which one shall serve for three years and which one shall serve for one year. The first appointed attorney shall serve for a two-year term. Vacancies on the committee for an unexpired term shall be filled for the remainder of the term. No member shall serve simultaneously on the Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee and the Judicial Discipline & Disability Commission. Members of the Committee shall be reimbursed their actual and necessary expenses incurred in the discharge of their official duties by the Judicial Discipline & Disability Commission. A chair shall be elected by the Committee members. The Committee may promulgate additional rules of procedure not inconsistent with these rules.

Associated Court Rules: 
Procedural Rules for the Arkansas Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee