Order 12. Official Forms

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The following official court forms adopted by the Arkansas Supreme Court are found in the publications noted below and may also be found at the Arkansas Judiciary website: (https://courts.arkansas.gov).

1. Probate Forms: The Supreme Court, pursuant to Ark. Code Ann. section 28-1-114 and its constitutional and inherent powers to regulate procedure in the courts, has adopted thirty-three probate forms. These official forms supersede all earlier versions. The forms are published in 336 Ark. Appendix (1999).

2. Court Forms for Orders of Protection. The Supreme Court, pursuant to Amendment 80 of the Arkansas Constitution, has adopted the following forms to be used in order-of-protection cases: (a) Ex Parte Order of Protection, (b) Notice of Hearing on Petition for Order of Protection, and (c) Final Order of Protection. The Administrative Office of the Courts in collaboration with the Arkansas Judicial Council and others is authorized to prepare instructions to be used with these documents and to make technical corrections from time to time to the documents. These forms are published in 2010 Ark. 442.

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Amended and republished by per curiam order November 11, 2010.

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