Arkansas Court News

            A recent issue of The Arkansas Lawyer was devoted to the topic of diversity in our state’s legal profession and law school. This article extends that examination to the Arkansas state court system – the judges, public attorneys, clerks and other court staff who comprise the “face” of our courts.  This examination is based upon a convergence of three topics which have been of primary interest to those who study the  courts in recent years:  1) the level of public trust and confidence in the court system and the system’s reliance upon that trust to carry out its mission; 2) the c

A Visit From Argentina

A group from Argentina visits the Justice Building.


Access to Justice Commission Meeting and Contexte Training in Little Rock District Court.

ACAP Project Update

CIS Division projects at a glance.

Court of Appeals Swears in New Judges

The Court of Appeals welcomed four new judges to the bench.

Arkansas Develops First Online Court Security Training Program to be Used Nationwide

Arkansas has developed an interactive court security training course for law enforcement and court staff

A New Court

The Supreme Court welcomes two new Justices, creating the first female majority in its history.