Clerk of the Courts

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The Clerk's office performs various jobs and duties for the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, the bar, and the public. It is responsible for filing cases, briefs, motions, petitions and other documents that are presented to the courts for decisions. Once the decisions have been made, the staff is also responsible for disseminating the opinions, orders, and per curiam orders to the press, the attorneys, trial court judges, and the public.

The Clerk is the financial officer of the courts and the office provides payroll and other fiscal services for the personnel of both courts and the committees of the Supreme Court. The office also administers the budgets of both courts as appropriated by the State Legislature. The Clerk's Office licenses and collects annual dues for attorneys, court reporters, and professional associations, and is responsible for the funds collected.

The office provides information and guidance to judges, attorneys, and the public about appellate practice and the appellate process.

ACT 328 (HB1353). “Court Technology Improvement Act of 2009".

• Permits the Supreme Court Clerk to charge a fee of $150.00 for a certified question from a federal court;

• Permits the Supreme Court Clerk to assess a fee of $25.00 for each petition for rehearing filed;

• Permits the Supreme Court Clerk to assess a “court technology fee” of $15.00 for every civil action or misdemeanor case filed in either the Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court.

• The Clerk of the Supreme Court shall be paid by the appellant a fee of $150.00 in all civil actions and misdemeanor cases.

• The $150.00 filing fee and the $15.00 “court technology fee” shall be remitted in one sum of $165.00.

• These fees go into effect on July 31, 2009.

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