Court Reporters

Title Citysort descending State Zip Status
Melanie Riedmueller Inactive - Section 13 Rules
Sheila Russell AR 72201 Revoked, 5 years - Discipline by Consent, Order filed 12/9/2016, Violations of Section 19 of the Rules and Section 7(g) of the Regulations
Elizabeth Coffman APO AE 96326 Inactive - Section 13 Rules
Mike Mirelez Active
Mary K. Beckham Afton Oklahoma 74331
Vicky L. Hedgecock Alexander AR 72002 Active
W. W. Bill McFarland, Jr. Alexander AR 72002 Active
Connie Williams Alexander AR 72002 Active
Shawn Marie Rowan Allentown PA 18104 Expired Certificate - Section 9, Regulations
Leah Kay Payton Alma AR 72921 Active
Thomas Guinn Bloxom Alma AR 72921 Expired Certificate - Section 9, Regulations
Mary E. (Mary Beth) Craddock Meldrum APO AE 09603 Active
Charo Dunlap Ardmore OK 73401 Active
Jerri M. Smith Arkadelphia AR 71923 Active
Joyce M. Helms Arkadelphia AR 71923 Retired
Megan Wood Ash Flat AR 72513 Active
Rita Rae Wood Ash Flat AR 72513 Active
Kristena R. Fletcher Ash Flat AR 72513 Active
Kassandra Cates Ash Flat, AR AR 72513 Active
Ruth E. Teal Atkins AR 72823 Retired
Amanda Brown Atkins AR 72823 Active
Cindy Tickle Atoka TN 38004 Expired Certificate - Section 9, Regulations
Kay Mays Austin AR 72007 Retired - Voluntary Surrender of Certificate 12/29/2017
Lana G. Carter Austin AR 72007 Retired
Renee Shepard Austin AR 72007 Retired
Linda Woodford Bald Knob AR 72010 Active
Polly Curry Banks AR 71631 Active
Deborah Lee Lowery Bastrop LA 71220 Active
Linda Hubbard Batesville AR 72503 Active
Marian Austin Batesville AR 72501 Active
Annette Castleberry Batesville AR 72501 Retired
Joyce King Batesville AR 72501 Retired - Voluntary Surrender of Certificate 12/19/2017
Vickie Glasgow Batesville AR 72501 Deceased
Lynda Suzanne Baldwin Beebe AR 72012 Inactive - Section 13 Rules
Carol Orman Goff Beebe AR 72012 Active
Katherine Pierson Bella Vista AR 72714 Active
Teresa Fletcher Rich Bella Vista AR 72715 Active
Barbara Hedstrom Bella Vista AR 72714 Retired
Joan (Jan) V. Brooks Benton AR 72019 Active
Valarie Dawn Flora Benton AR 72015 Active