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How to Request an Interpreter

Judges, circuit court clerks, court administrators, trial court assistant, district court clerks and other court personnel who have been assigned this duty may request a court interpreter. The Interpreter Program at the Administrative Office of the Courts will then appoint a qualified interpreter to meet the specified need.

Enter the interpreter request through the online request system at NOTE: Each court is assigned its own login, password and code. The website is a secure site and allows the court to view their request at anytime in order to make changes or verify if an interpreter has been assigned. If you are a court who does not currently use this system and would like to, please contact us at or call (501)682-9400.

Instructions for courts completing online request.

Place a Court Request for an Interpreter

If your request for an interpreter is less than 72 business hours before the interpreter is needed, please call us at (501) 682-9400 and we will let you know if we are able to satisfy your request.

Arkansas Code of Professional Responsibility for Interpreters in the Judiciary
Interpreter Oath

Other Interpreting Needs

The AOC maintains a list of freelance court certified interpreters available to be contracted for proceedings outside the courtroom, such as:

  • Attorney-client communication
  • Administrative hearings
  • Mental evaluations
  • Law enforcement interviews
  • Mediation

If you need a language not listed on the registry or more information please contact the AOC Court Interpreter Services at 501-682-9400 or