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Upon completing application process requirements, an applicant must register for the Orientation. Each applicant must successfully complete an orientation training. The Orientation is designed to familiarize the applicant with the Arkansas court system and provide instruction on the role of the interpreter and the skills and ethics required of an interpreter in the courtroom. The Orientation is one of several steps involved in the initial training of a court interpreter.

Participants will attend the Orientation at their own expense and must pay a non-refundable registration fee of $200.00 to cover materials and the processing costs for the exams. Dates and locations will be announced well in advance.

English Language Assessment Exam

On the final day of the Orientation, the applicant must take the English Language Assessment Exam, which is an objective, multiple choice test developed under the auspices of the National Center for State Courts (NCSC).

Before coming to the Orientation, each applicant will receive a copy of Administrative Order No. 11, Arkansas Code of Professional Responsibility for Foreign Language Interpreters in the Judiciary and the Overview of the English Language Assessment Exam. These documents should be studied in preparation for taking the English Language Assessment Exam. The Code is an important component of the test.

Part I - English Proficiency

Part II- Court-Related Terms & Usage, and Ethics and Professional Conduct.

A passing score is a combined score of 80% on Parts I and II of the English Language Assessment Exam.

The following links are suggested study materials which may be helpful in preparing to take the written examination.  Applicants must study in advance of the test and come prepared to take the examination.  Please refer to the Overview of the English Language Assessment Exam for detailed instructions.           

Validity of Exam Scores

Scores of the English Language Assessment Exam will remain valid for two (2) years from the date on which a letter is mailed to an applicant stating that he/she has achieved a passing score.

Any applicant who does not achieve a passing score shall be promptly notified.       

Next Steps

Please refer to the Certification Process flow chart and the Requirements to understand the next step in the process after Orientation.