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Welcome to the AOC Court Interpreter Services (CIS) site.  The information and resources on this page are designed to assist you in working with your Limited English Proficiency (LEP) individual client(s) and/or their families. 

Attorneys are required to provide effective assistance of counsel to all of their clients. Without accurate and complete communication it is impossible to do this. Certified interpreters are professionals who have passed a rigorous testing process and are trained to ensure accurate communication between you, your client and the court. When an LEP individual is able to fully participate in a court proceeding, due process is afforded.

While AOC Court Interpreter Services only provides interpreters for in-court proceedings and directly related actions, the freelance interpreters listed on the AOC registry are available to be contracted. Should an interpreter be needed by attorneys, law enforcement, mental health professionals, mediators or any other court-affiliated authorities, the registry can be found below or by directly contacting our office. Court Interpreter Services can also provide assistance in locating and contracting deaf/blind interpreters, interpreters for rare languages, transcriptions / translations of recordings or other specialized interpreting services.

When an interpreter is needed for a party, witness, or victim, please notify the court’s Trial Court Assistant / Clerk.  The court will submit a request to our office and CIS will coordinate services, contract and compensate the interpreter.

For further information or to obtain an interpreter for a language that is not listed on the registry please call 501-682-9400 or email 

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