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Interactive Order of Protection
AOC has purchased a license to an interactive software program from that will enable victims to fill out and print Orders of Protection from the internet. This software will increase convenience, security and privacy for both victims of domestic violence and sexual assault as well as the agencies that serve them. The ability to fill out the Order of Protection at home or at a local shelter will increase the safety of victims and save victims from multiple trips to the court house. 
The interactive software will aid individuals with a detailed roadmap filled with helpful tips and instructions that are easy to follow. AOC has also produced an Order of Protection video which details the process of obtaining an Order of Protection within the state of Arkansas. The English and Spanish versions have been distributed to all shelters within the state of Arkansas. The Interactive program coupled with the video will ensure that those seeking Orders of Protection are informed about the process every step of the way. 
Currently, victims in the state of Arkansas can fill out an Order of Protection via the internet by accessing the Forms tab on this website [click here]. The forms are also available in the Arkansas Legal Partnership website found here:
How to Get an Order of Protection in Arkansas video
AOC completed a video on domestic violence last summer that we “rolled out” at the September 29-30, 2011 Statewide Multi-disciplinary conference on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. The video is available in English and Spanish. The video provides information about domestic violence in general and about domestic abuse laws and the court system in Arkansas. It is intended to assist shelter directors, advocates and pro se victims in better understanding the system and in filing for Orders of Protection. The video will be made available to public access televisions throughout the state. Please click on the link below to watch the videos.