Task Force on Public Access and Privacy

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A task force of the Supreme Court Committee on Automation, the Task Force on Public Access and Privacy, has been established and is being chaired by Retired Circuit Judge John Plegge.

The Committee on Automation is working on the development and implementation of a statewide automated case management system for District and Circuit Courts. One issue that has arisen is the access to information contained in an automated system easily accessed over the Internet. Decisions have to be made and policies developed to provide the public need to know while protecting the individuals right to privacy.

The Task Force on Public Access and Privacy will meet several times - September through December - with the goal of a policy on public access to court records being provided to the Supreme Court for its review and adoption. Additionally, the Task Force will endeavor to identify the need for legislative changes to be addressed in the legislative session in January.

Administrative Order # 19 - Access to Court Records

Committee Minutes - September 23, 200510.63 KB
Results of May 26, 2005, Public Hearing on Access to Documents June 23, 2005 11.01 KB
Notice of Public Hearing, May 26, 2005, re: Proposed Administrative Order - Posted May 4, 200521.32 KB
Task Force Letter to Arkansas Supreme Court re: Proposed Administrative Order - March 21, 200514.05 KB
Proposed Administrative Order (Draft March 17, 2005)274.36 KB
Committee Minutes March 14, 200511.24 KB
Public Access Task Force February 28, 200511.54 KB
Committee Minutes - January 24, 200513.46 KB
Committee Minutes - December 9, 2004 134.24 KB
Committee Minutes - November 9, 200415.61 KB
Task Force Members9.4 KB
Committee Minutes - October 27, 2004 10.41 KB
Committee Minutes - September 22, 2004 16.84 KB
Planning Committee Minutes - September 20, 200411.21 KB
Planning Committee Minutes - August 25, 2004 10.74 KB
Model Policy on Public Access to Court Records 168.62 KB
Arizona Public Access To Court Records 1.22 MB
California Rules of Court, Rules 2070 to 2076 25.48 KB
Colorado Chief Justice's Directive 98-05 - Access of the Public to Documents and Materials in the Courts16.49 KB
Indiana Task Force on Access to Court Records62.13 KB
Maryland Access to Public Records69.63 KB
Minnesota Access To Public Records473.55 KB
New York Exhibit4.82 MB
New York Public Access to Court Records1.24 MB
State of Vermont - Rules Governing Dissemination of Electronic Case Records66.9 KB
Washington Courts Data Dissemination Policy45.63 KB
Wisconsin Circuit Court Access14.88 KB