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Contexte Charge Code Changes as of Jan. 2014

The AOC has identified some charge code additions and changes in default charge code levels based on an internal review. New charges will be added, outdated charges will be ended and replaced with the updated charges, default charge levels will be changed for some charges and changes will be made to the current district court bond schedule, as applicable, by 01/31/2014.

Below are two file links depicting the changes described above:

  1. Contexte Charge Code Level Changes
  2. Contexte New Charge Codes

District Courts,

AOC will be adding charges that will replace the ending charges identified in the excel file below to your bail penalty schedule using previous fees and fine structure of the replaced charges. AOC will contact the clerk in each district court to verify and finalize the fine amounts if the previous used fine amounts need to be changed because of the new charge level. If you would like more information about this process, please email the ACAP Help Desk at